Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Roof Goes And Comes

Wilton Dawn's Shed Reroof 1205151149a_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed Reroof 1205151229_HDR
Saturday: (12/05) Yesterday I removed all but a couple of screws on each roofing panel. Today I removed all the panels and added some plywood.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Reroof 1205151316_HDR Wilton Dawn's Shed Reroof 1205151536_HDR
On that I installed roofing paper and reinstalled the roofing panels. The roof looks much the same but is now much stronger. I can walk on it now. Most importantly, there is no cold metal surface on the inside to cause dripping from condensation. Ready for Dawn to move in to after Lou’s stuff is all out.
Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Wilton Lou's Shed Electric1206151441_HDR
Sunday: (12/06) Pizza for breakfast. I lounged around all morning. i sent out an announcement for a hike Wednesday and reminders for my Pinnacles hikes later this month. About 1100 I finally got outside. I fixed a couple of extension cords and did some laundry. About 1730 I caught the bus down to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant for dinner. I was back home by 2000.  The rain that we were supposed to be hiving today never appeared. Lou and Dawn are visiting in Bakersfield. They went out to dinner at the Roadhouse Restaurant and there was a 1.5 hour delay in getting their order. With apologies, the dinner once received, was on the house.
Monday: (12/07)  No rain last night nor today? I started with a visit to Kaiser for an appointment. That was followed with a stop at A1 Foreign Auto to get the Jeep smogged and a 100K service. I left it there and walked back to downtown Mountain View for breakfast at the Crepevine Restaurant.
New Bounce Bucket Lid 1208151900_HDR
After breakfast I walked around town visiting Tap Plastics and a book store. I found a neat lid for a 5 gallon plastic bucket that has a screw on lid making the bucket like a bear canister. I got on both for the potential bear canister and also for my bounce bucket for my PCT hike. Removing a standard lid is a real project. Now it will be real easy. When I got home, I spent some time removing most of the screws attaching the roof panels so i could relocate some of the drip edge that I had mistakenly placed above the tarpaper. It’s now below it where it should be. Really glad I didn’t use nails. Then Ernie put me to work cutting some boards on the table saw for his project to make a new table top. This morning, the RSVP lists for the four hikes I’ll be leading at Pinnacles NP later this month opened. Two of the hikes maxed out at the allowed 25 in 15 minutes, the longer hikes are half full now. I then spent some time making GPS routes for each of the hikes that can be downloaded by my fellow hikers and also to my phone so we don’t get lost. I had one for our South Wilderness hike last year and that hike went after dark and it really helped locating the end of the trail we needed to come back on. A slice of pizza and a banana for lunch. About 1700 the garage called to say the Jeep was ready. I caught the bus to the shop to ransom it out. Dinner at Chili’s restaurant on the way home.
Tuesday: (12/08) I prepared a nice bacon egg and cheese on chibata breakfast sandwich. I was busy all morning watching TV and designing a couple of new hikes. I prepared GPS routes for both and announced one to my hiking group for Friday after next. Because it was over 12 miles and involved quite a climb I didn’t think I’d have many hikers. It filled in a few hours. We seem to have more energetic hikers in the group now. A little chicken and yogurt for lunch. Around noon I went outside and did some work in the shop. I also cut some things for Ernie’s table top project. Enough work, So I took off for a walk and shopping. I made it to Cost Plus and then headed back toward home. On the way I picked up Hot and Sour soup and egg rolls for dinner. I also noticed they are erecting two tower cranes in the shopping center. After my hike tomorrow I may have to go see what’s happening with them. I also got an email saying Walmart has a shelving unit i ordered ready for pickup. Two reasons to go by the shopping center tomorrow.
Friday: (12/09) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian. I had a nice hike this morning. In the afternoon I had an early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet. Then I stopped by at Walmart to pick up a shelving unit I had ordered. Shouldn’t have been hard to find being 6′x8″x20″ and weighing 80 pounds. It took then almost an hour to locate it. I stowed it in Lou’s shed for later. For some reason I was worn out so I took a nap. Lou and Dawn returned home about 1800. They had a nice visit in Bakersfield and Fresno.

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