Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hidden Villa To Black Mountain

Black Mountain Hike 1209151012_HDR Black Mountain Hike 1209151150a_HDR
Friday: (12/09) A great day for a little stretch. Nice trails, views, company, and weather. We enjoyed a 9.6 miles hike with 2243 feet elevation change and 3886 of total climb. Our lunch spot on top has nice rock furniture.
Black Mountain Hike 1209151150_Pano
Black Mountain is the highest peak near Palo Alto with nice views all around
Black Mountain 91449690823152 Black Mountain Hike 1209151218_HDR
Our hiking group at the top. The trail near the top is extremely steep.
Black Mountain Hike 1209151334a_HDR
One of our rest stops with Colin and Jessica.

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