Friday, December 4, 2015

Hiking Los Trancos Preserve

Friday: (12/04) I started the day with my usual hiking breakfast  from L&L Hawaiian. I’m leading a hike at the Los Trancos Open Space Preserve this morning. 19 fellow hikers, the limit allowed by the preserve, joined me on a potentially muddy hike this morning. We enjoyed good weather for our hike over nice trails doing about 5.9 miles with 490 feet of elevation change and 1214 feet overall climb. Only a little mud on the trail and some slippery bridges. Fun hike and group! 
Los Trancos OSP Hike 1204151020_HDR Los Trancos OSP Hike 1204151045b_HDR
Nice trails and a hairy mushroom.
Los Trancos OSP Hike 91449255078378
Here’s the group.
After a nice shower and lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich with chili bean soup, I got to work outside. I removed most of the screws and bolts on Lou’s old sheds roof. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll add the plywood to the roof and put it all back together. I got a Papa Murphy pizza for dinner.

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