Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ailing Cat

Saturday: (04/25) I headed off early to Lowe’s again. I picked up more mortar mix and some sand. On the way, I picked up breakfast from Happy Donuts, a nice egg, cheese and sausage sandwich. Back home, I mixed up some mortar and laid another row of bricks. I also cut one of the corner bricks and set it in place. Tomorrow it should be easier to do the rest of the bricks with the solid bricks to use as guides and backing. Leftover pizza for lunch. I relaxed most of the afternoon. Lou made pea salad for dinner.

Sunday: (04/26) Another birthday. I prepared corned beef hash and eggs while Lou, Dawn, and Mr Hobbs, the sick cat took a walk in the backyard. I laid more brick pavers after breakfast finishing all but two bricks that need to be cut to fit. I’ll wait until the rest set up and do the last two tomorrow. I relaxed the rest of the day. We had leftover pizza for lunch. For my birthday dinner we got takeout from Lucky Chinese Bistro in Mountain View. My favorite chow fun noodles and black bean fish. 

Monday: (04/27) Mr Hobbs spent the day outside so we took turns watching the ailing cat. Tomorrow he goes to the Vet. I installed the last two bricks on the garden edge. They required cutting the bricks and , unusually, I got them right the first time. I then cleaned up and put things away. After an afternoon nap, I returned to work and backfilled about ⅔’s of the edge. I need to clean out the debris on the final ⅓ before filling. Apple pie for breakfast. Leftover corned beef hash and fried eggs for lunch. Leftover Chinese for dinner.

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