Friday, April 10, 2020

I really Dig This

Friday: (04/10) I tinkered in the RV a little. I helped Dawn with setting up a gmail mail list and shared documents. Later I got outside to dig in the garden a little. I completed about a 4 x 4” section and have about that much more to dig of the garden area. I still have more to dig out for the walkway. I hope I don’t run out of storage space in the front yard. We had breakfast delivered from A Good Morning. DoorDash works really well. Leftover Jack In The Box croissant for lunch. Dawn made a tofu and fennel casserole for dinner. She plucked the fennel from the garden. 

Saturday: (04/11) I moved the rest of the dirt out of the new garden spot. Tomorrow I need to relocate a couple of pipes then add the forms for the edge. I want to pour the base concrete before I add the garden soil back into the garden. My pile in the front yard was just barely big enough for the dirt.Granola and banana for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made something like scalloped potato hash with sausage for dinner. She blended last night's fennel dinner as the sauce. 

Sunday: (04/12) I mowed and edged our lawn and also one of our elderly neighbors front lawns. Granola and banana for breakfast. We had lunch via a Doordash delivery from Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood city. I had some great veggie lasagna. We did our first Zoom gathering with all the usual Easter lunch crowd, Cecelia, Dawn, Courtney, Ernie, as well as Dawn, Lou, and myself.

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