Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hobbs Bad Paw

Tuesday: (04/14) Granola and banana for breakfast. We all delivered Hobbs, our cat to the Vet. He has a bad paw. Lou and I reviewed our tax return and I did some final modifications and efiled our returns. After that It was time for lunch. I had planned on getting takeout from our nearby Chinese restaurant that we’ve never tried since it opened 10+ years ago. I walked over but they were closed. They have short open hours for lunch and dinner with a gap when they are closed in the middle. I waited too long to walk over, so I had chili beans. Then it was nap time and then tinker on the computer time. I never got any garden work today. Nice. I received a call from my dentist’s office this afternoon and my appointment for cleaning has been pushed out again into late June now. My heart attack delayed it for 6 months then Covid-19 delayed it another month and now a couple more months delay. It will now be at about 14 months since the last cleaning back in Virginia. Leftover rice with beans for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/15) Breakfast egg, ham and cheese sandwiches. I attended my Wednesday webinar. In the afternoon, when I got outside, I moved more dirt. Today I was digging out for the new walkway. First, I had to add some more boards to the dirt pile walls. I don’t have much room except going higher. I received a bill for part of my heart procedure back in Vermont last year. It should be covered by Kaiser. I called Kaiser and they confirmed that they rejected a payment for the amount billed because it was a duplicate billing item. I then calle Vermont University Hospital and the person that has been doing that billing is no longer there. The new clerk is checking and will call back. Cottage cheese for lunch. Lou made fish risotto for dinner.

Thursday: (04/16) Lou and I were off early to the Sunnyvale Lowe’s where I bought some 2x6’s for the sidewalk forms. The bricks will have 6 inches of baserock below them and the baserock will be dosed with cement to stabilize it. Back home I had leftover waffles with peanut butter and jam for breakfast. For lunch we had Baked potatoes with leftover stuffed bell peppers. I cleaned up a bunch of leaves that blew down from the oak tree. It was almost like fall. Lou had a call with her surgeon and then we took off her cast. I emailed photos of the arm to the doctor. Then I took a walk and got myself a nice chai latte. Later in the afternoon I finally got to work and finished the digging and installed the forms. I seared some chicken in the Instapot and added some canned artichokes and Italian dressing and we had that over rice for dinner.

Friday: (04/17) I made breakfast sandwiches this morning. I worked on the new garden digging out and trimming the area for the walkway. I installed a branch pipe for the sump pump discharge. We’ll eventually have two outlets and shorter hoses. I made a shopping run to our Ace Hardware store for some PVC pipe fittings. I'll need to relocate the lawn sprinkler pipe. Then I tried to use strings to locate my forms for the walkway. Not much luck so I just started at one end and leveled the edge toward the other side. It comes out a little high on that opposite end where there is a ramp down from Dawn’s shed but I’ll just have to merge the levels as I get close. I finished most of the inside board of the form but I need to dig out more because it seems I didn’t get my painted lines on the lawn in the right place. Tomorrow I’ll dig some more and finish the form. Likely won’t be pouring concrete tomorrow. I do hope I get it poured before our next rain storm. I had a tuna and cheese sandwich for lunch. For dinner Lou made burrito bowls with banana pudding.

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