Thursday, September 22, 2011

Calgary Bird Refuge

Thursday: (09/22) We were off by 7am to catch a train downtown. A walk in the park started our adventure.

Calgary Walkabout Calgary Walkabout
We walked around Prince's island park. We intended to explore Devonian Arboretum but it's closed for renovation. .

Calgary Bird Refuge Calgary Bird Refuge
Next we caught a bus out to near the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. We thought it wasn't much of a sanctuary at first but then found out what we thought eas the sanctuary was an old oil refinery site that is being reclaimed. I's cleared, now grassy fields with newly planted trees. When the oil plume it sits on is completely cleaned up and the trees are established, it will become part of the bird sanctuary next door. We then walked the real sanctuary which is quite nice. We didn't see many birds there though. In fact, other than the numerous birds we saw on both our sea tours, we have never seen as many birds, anywhere on this trip as numerous as the ones that visit our own back yard any day.

Calgary Bird Refuge Calgary Bird Refuge City Skyline
We walked back from the bird sanctuary through the Inglewood neighborhood where we stopped for a couple of slice of pizza. There was a kind of run down building that had a sign "Fairs Fair Books" on it. We stopped in for a look and found possibly the best used book store we've ever visited. A huge basement store with wide isles, good lighting, chairs, well organized books clasified by type and alphabetical all with the price clearly marked and to top it off it was clean. All those characteristics are almost never found, together,  at a used books store. We continued over to the Calgary Stampede grounds where we intended to see visit the Grain Academy Museum but  it closed two days ago for renovation. This seems to be a trend. We stopped by for some pie before catching the train home. Today was a grazing day. Oatmeal for breakfast. Shared Subway breakfast sandwich mid morning. Ice creams for lunch. A slice of pizza each about 2pm. A shared mini-rhubarb pie for dinner. Beef log and cheese for supper.

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