Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edmonton, Alberta

Note: Photos have been added to posts lack to August 24th which should make it current and a little more interesting.

Sunday: (09/11) A morning walk around the campground, a split cinnamon roll and we were on the road by 0930. Of course, the rain has returned. We arrived at West Edmonton Mall at 2pm and had lunch of leftovers of roast chicken, bean dip, and chips. We walked a little of the mall before it closed.

West Edmonton Mall West Edmonton Mall
This is the second biggest mall in the world and it appears to be. We find a place to stay nearby and return tomorrow. The mall is the second largest in the world and can't be seen in one day. Above left is the wave pool and above right the sea lion show.

We stopped for the night at the nearby Walmart's on Stoney Plain Road. When we disconnected the Jeep at Walmart, the battery was dead. First time that happened. We haven't used it since we left Haines, Alaska and even though the battery is supposed to be connected to the RV's evidently that connection wasn't making so the brake solenoid and vacuum pump killed the battery. Something to look into. For dinner we had a nice green salad and shared a chicken pot pie.

Monday: (09/12) Lou picked up breakfast from the McDonald's in Walmart. Part of our support the host program. She also had her hair cut at their salon and did some other looking around the area. I was busy working on labeling and collecting photos for the blog. It's been weeks since I last uploaded any photos. For lunch Lou made ham sandwiches. After lunch we drove over to the mall again. The jeep started up nicely so the battery was recharged with its 15 minute run last night. We looked around the mall until we needed tea and then stopped by a McDonald's across the street for tea. Yesterday, that is where I got a good Internet connection so we returned there. Unfortunately, it barely worked and was only good enough to check email, not upload photos. There are three other McDonald's in the mall. I tried each of them to see if they were any better. None worked. When I look at the wifi signals with my wifi manager on my phone there must be hundreds of wifi signals all trashing the air waves. The mall does provide thei own wifi sigal throughout the mall but charges for it's use. Everyone else but McDonald's have networks that require login so none of them were of any help. The end result was that I didn't get anything uploaded. i did find a good spot to do it though, Safeway nearby has a good signal but my computer battery died so maybe tomorrow. For dinner we stopped one of the food courts in the mall and shared a Chinese combo of chop suey, vegetables and BBQ pork. We topped that with a shared chocolate caramel blizzard sundae from Dairy Queen. Today was mostly sunny so our solar panels did a pretty good job today. 

Tuesday:(09/13) We shared the last of our cinnamon rolls and some sausage for breakfast. After showers and a haircut for me at Walmart, we drove over to Safeway and while I uploaded the recent photos and updated the blog, Lou was busy looking around the stores nearby. We met for lunch at Chili's enjoying an appetizer for lunch. We explored the Canadian Superstore (market) and a local home improvement store (Rona's). back at the Jeep, where I'd left Carbonite busy backing up the files on the computer. Lots of pictures makes for  a lot to backup. After losing some photos a few years ago, I prefer to backup. We shared a cup of soup from Safeway and then decided to just move the RV over here to Safeway and let the computer do it's thing and I could use the computer and internet as well all in comfort. For dinner Lou prepared backed potatoes and ham with some raw peppers and carrots. Today was mostly sunny but cool. They've already had their first frosts and this morning may have been one of them. Nights get down to 0 or -2 Celsius. Freezing or a little less for us Fahrenheit folks.

Wednesday: (09/14) I fixed Don McMuffin's this morning for breakfast.

The tropical greenhouse at the Muttart Conservatory Flower at the Muttart Conservatory
We visited the Muttard Conservatory this morning.

Air Plant at the Muttart Conservatory Flower at the Muttart Conservatory
Nice green houses, some unusual plants.

Flower at the Muttart Conservatory Mother Earth topiary
Nice little conservatory that gave us some ideas for our own backyard. I like the mother earth topiary.

We took a drive about town and visited several thrift stores along the way. For lunch we stopped at the Kingsway Mall food court. I had Chinese and Lou had KFC chicken. In the evening we moved over to Safeway for some more WiFi use. I got quite a ways behind on backing up files and am slowly making progress at it. Lou made salmon chowder for dinner with toast. We had another nice clear day. it was cold in the morning but the afternoon was nice and warm (73 degrees F). We made a list of the things we want to do before leaving and it looks like we'll be here a few more days.

Thursday: (09/15)  Lou made corned beef hash and eggs this morning, one of my favorite breakfasts. We went to the Zoo today. They have a very nice soo.

Edmonton Zoo's Red Fronted Lemur Edmonton Zoo's Lucy The Elephan Grazing
We especially liked the fact they treat the animals like friends. We met the elephant on one of the lawns where she was out enjoying her afternoon walk. She walked on to a field where they had recently cut some trees. She munched on the leaves from nearby trees, pulled up her own grass, and really seemed to enjoy tossing dirt onto her back, belly and head. the attendants didn't really seem to like that as much because of the over spray. We also met the two arctic wolves on their walk.

Edmonton Zoo's Fox Edmonton Zoo's Fox
Two arctic foxes. Quite a difference in their coloring. They are in transition to white, I assume.

Edmonton Zoo's Owl Edmonton Zoo's Snowy Owl
Owls really do look wise.

Edmonton Zoo's Siberian Tiger  Edmonton Zoo's Artic Wolves
The two tigers looked quite comfortable in their area and the red fronted lemurs were cute when the attendant was feeding them.

We had lunch at the zoo, tuna salad, granola bars, and V8 juice.

Edmonton's Sascatchawan River
After the zoo visit we went downtown and took a walk there. We finally stopped at the Visitor Center to see what we should do while we're here. We've already done most of it. Some how, another day was used up. We returned with the RV to Safeway for some more use of their wifi. Lou prepared roast chicken, baked potatoes, with raw carrots and bell peppers.

Friday: (09/16) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lunch was at the Southgate mall. We drove over to the West Edmonton Mall, bought transit day passes and caught a bus toward downtown. We walked an older part of town around 124th st.

Alberta  Legislative Building Alberta  Legislative Building California Palms In Dome
We took a tour of the Legislative building. Mary, our tour guide was a fountain of information. We learned things about our own form of government we didn't know. As Mary explained Alberta's government she compared it to ours in California and to another guests home in Chile. One interesting item was that there were several California palm trees growing in a little room above the dome. You could see them from the rotunda below. They have been there over 79 years. Interesting place to find palm trees.

We caught the light rail train to Southgate mall. We shared some Chinese food. Then we took the train all the way North and then returned to catch another bus back to the car. Now we've done Edmonton. Dinner was leftover salmon chowder and toast. It rained last night and was cold this morning but, as seems to be the case, the afternoon turned out to be nice and warm.

Saturday: (09/17) Breakfast of McGriddles sandwiches at McDonald's. While I "worked" with the computer at Safeway, Lou did the laundry and visited a fabric store. Leftover soups for lunch, chili for me, salmon chowder for Lou. We finally left Edmonton at 2:30 heading South on Highway 2. the Visitor Center on the highway just South of town had a nice sanitary dump and water. We stopped in Innisfail for a walk and dinner. We shared a Subway green chill, bacon and beef sandwich. We stopped for the night in Calgary at Walmart near the airport.
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