Friday, July 9, 2021

Hot Weather

Friday: (07/09) A hot day mostly spent inside. I did try out my new spray washer by washing all the rubber rugs from the RV and washing the Jeep and Hyundai. It works well. In the late afternoon I worked on the drip system adding some emitters for the potted plants in the arbor and the two potted plants I moved to the new front patio. Waffles and sausage for breakfast. A chicken hummus and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover stuffed squash for dinner.

Saturday: (07/10) PBJ toast and sausage for breakfast. I mounted the new Wifi AP on the garage eve and ran the outdoor cable I had across the roof. It was 10’ short so a longer one is on the way. I also installed the POE for the outdoor AP and ran a flat window cable through the window. Ready for hookup when the new cable arrives. I relaxed most of the rest of the day inside because it was another hot day. A chili size for lunch. In the late afternoon I made a run to Grocery Outlet for a few things. Lou cooked up some zucchini with sausage for dinner.

Sunday: (07/11) I made fried bologna with eggs and toast for breakfast. Another relaxing day. I moved some plants around in the backyard and some other gardening. I also made a grocery run to Smart and Final, Sprout’s and Grocery outlet for a few things. Chips, Guacamole and bologna for lunch. We had dinner delivered from Panera Bread Restaurant.

Monday: (07/12) Zucchini with sausage for breakfast. I took a run out to check on where to get the RV smog check done. My usual place doesn’t do it any more but provided a reference. I checked with them and will likely get it checked this Saturday. I was also looking for a replacement chair for the one I ripped a couple of days ago. Couldn't find any good/cheap chairs. I did pick up some more begonias. I planned some in a pot and placed it by the front table. I also planted a few more in the raised bed in the backyard. Bologna, cheese and hummus sandwich on baguette bread. Amazon delivered my new WIFI cable and replaced the too short one on the roof. Unfortunately, when I connected it, I knocked out the existing repeater and the new one didn’t work. It turns out that I evidently damaged the cable to the original repeater and one of the jumper cables for the new one was bad. I tested both repeaters without the long caves and they worked, however the new one using the new long cable mounted in its intended location does not work. More work for another time. Oatmeal for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/13) Brother Ernie's birthday. We all went to breakfast at the Good Morning Restaurant as a celebration. I attacked yesterday’s failure of adding the second WIFI repeater to serve the RV. Eventually I got both working. I had bought flat jumper cables to pass the cables through the window and, evidently, the new one was bad and the original one failed or they just provide enough signal loss such the with the long cables, it wouldn’t work. That along with the two bad cables yesterday were tending to try my patience. All OK in the end. Nice 50MB downloads to the RV and to Ernie as well as 25MB anywhere in the backyard. A nice bologna, cheese and hummus sandwich for breakfast again. I took Dawn’s Zap Pro scooter apart to see about replacing the batteries. The easy fix would be to just replace the four sealed AGM 12v batteries at $37 each amounting to a cost of around $148+. I wanted to replace them with lithium batteries but the 48v 10ah equivalent batteries were 1.5 inches too long. I’d have to rework the compartment to make it fit. Eventually I found one vendor had one small enough to fit with room to spare at $218. The advantage is that lithium batteries provide full use of the charge so the actual range should be doubled. In addition, this vendor uses LiFePo4 rather than the less safe Lion batteries. If all goes well, Down should be running less empty in about a week. Ramen noodles with sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/14) Leftover zucchini with sausage for breakfast. I started with my usual Wednesday webinar. I washed the RV windows then I got out my Webster broom and cleaned the spider webs from the RV and house. I then got carried away and cleaned all the leaves and debris off the room of the house. That, of course, is a major project involving moving a lot of plants from the sidewalk at the back of the house. The flat room of our sun room usually has a thick layer of leaves and twigs and this time was no exception. It’s also made more difficult because the sunroom can't support my weight so I have to clean from afar with my 10’ long rake. I finished up a little after 1600. Now, the reason I started with washing the windows was because I have to glue up a crack in the windshield. Using the Webster was a diversion to allow time for the windshield to thoroughly dry before I glued it. Unfortunately, the diversion took all day and the gluing will have to wait for tomorrow. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch.

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