Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Shingle/Tarwater Creek Loop Hike

Tuesday: (07/27) Breakfast from Happy Donut in the backyard. I headed off for my hike at about 0800. I led a hike at Pescadero County Park doing the Tarwater Trail Loop. 11 of the 16 people that signed up joined me and we enjoyed one of my favorite hikes, only 5.9 miles and 700’ elevation change. After the hike Stephanie, her husband Les, Jim and Jay joined me in Redwood City at the Freewheel Brew Pub for lunch and a brew. While I was relaxing after my shower, I got a call from our tenant in San Jose that there was no hot water. We all drove down. The pilot light was out on the new water heater. I relit it and waited to be sure it heated up the water and remained lit. It did and we headed off toward home with a stop at Grocery Outlet in Sunnyvale where we bought too much stuff before heading home. Leftovers for dinner.

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