Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Dawn's New Trike Battery Test

Wednesday: (07/21) Today was the big pour. I spent several long periods watching the concrete placement and finishing for the first floor floor. PBJ Waffles and sausage for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Super nachos from Tacos El Grullense for dinner.

Thursday: (07/22) Leftover nachos for breakfast. I had to do some inspection of the project down the street. They stripped the forms from the first floor pour today and worked on installing forms for the front floor and first floor walls. We had kabobs with McDonald’s fries for lunch. After lunch I decided to take Dawn’s trike out to try to run down the new battery. It’s a LiFePo4 battery so the charge indicator in the trike won’t work correctly. I had predicted that it would show a full charge until just before it was dead. I wanted to find out how long it lasted. I took off like a dog chasing a rabbit. I continued away from the house all the way to Highway 85 then out to the baylands. When I crossed highway 101 it changed from 100% to 75% indicated. According to my prediction it was about at it’s limit. I had become confident with the 100% showing so I stayed too far from home. I turned toward home and it was dead within a ¼ mile as I crossed one of the Google parking lots. I started pushing it toward home and then decided to attach the cable lock as a leash to pull it home. Much easier but still I had over 6 miles to walk home. I made it home at dinner time. After a shower, we had dinner. Lou made tacos for dinner.

Friday: (07/23) Granola and a banana for breakfast. I checked out the construction site several times during the day. I worked all day, intermittently, rototilling the front garden and removing 16 buckets of hard clay clods. The car is full for a trip tomorrow. Lou made a ham, pineapple green salad for lunch. For dinner, Dawn made rice with a chicken stew topping.

Saturday: (07/24) I made fried bologna with toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I took the load of dirt clods to the dump in Sunnyvale. I then filled the buckets with compost for the return trip. I did the grocery shopping on the way home. I visited Walmart, Smart and Final and Nob Hill markets. I also did some construction inspection down the street. They were installing the shot-crete forms for the first floor. I picked up lunch from the Lucky Chinese Bistro. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (07/25) I prepared fried toast with ham and eggs for breakfast. After a lazy morning I finally got outside to work. I rototilled and screened a small section of the new front garden. I was able to empty the compost and refill all the buckets with the screening debris and now ready for another dump trip Monday. Dawn’s squash and chicken soup for lunch. BBQ ribs with baked potato and carrot salad for dinner.

Monday: (07/26) Dawn’s raisin bread toast for breakfast. I made a run to the dump to get rid of my 16 buckets of dirt clods. Back home, I screened more dirt filling 15 buckets. A nice steak and Wensleydale cheese green salad for lunch. I headed off to the dump again at 1530. I had to get rid of the dirt so had to sacrifice the 16th bucket due to the time it would have taken to collect the dirt clods. The dump closes at 1700 and I need the car empty due to driving up the mountain for a hike tomorrow. Back home I took a shower and gave myself a haircut and beard trim. Leftover BBQ ribs with baked potato and squash for dinner.

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