Thursday, July 1, 2021

Front Yard Patio Construction Begins

Thursday: (07/01) I set the edge bricks for the front yard patio. Otherwise i relaxed all day. Apricot cobbler for breakfast. Apricot season waits for no one. Leftover pork ribs, as a sandwich, for lunch. Zucchini spaghetti with meatballs for dinner.

Friday: (07/02) Apricot cobbler for breakfast. After doing tank duty on the RV, I was off for a bike ride. I stopped at ACE Hardware to look for a few things. Then I rode out to the baylands and on to the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford before returning home. Ribs for lunch at Chili’s Restaurant. I relaxed all afternoon until the front yard was shaded. Then I backfilled the edge of the new patio and planted a couple of jade plants. Leftovers for dinner.

Saturday: (07/03) Later in the morning I brought out some more baserock and tamped the front patio base at the proper level for about ½” of sand. I moved some bricks out for the patio. I cleaned a few and then my grinder died. In the afternoon, I bought a new grinder. Apricot cobbler for breakfast. Lou’s chopped ham and pineapple green salad for lunch. Lou’s pizza for dinner.

Sunday: (07/04) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I considered cleaning up some bricks for the patio but never got to any real work today. I did strip the remaining apricots off the tree and pruned off some lower branches that are in the way of the path by the tree. Lou and Dawn went shopping. We had roast chicken with potato salad for lunch. Corn on the cob for dinner.

Monday: (07/05) I cleaned bricks in the morning. Before lunch I made a trip to Lowe’s for more sand and picked up lunch on the way home. I required a nap in the afternoon. Later I had to go rescue Dawn who had been out with her scooter and her battery died. Her scooter can’t be loaded into either car and I didn’t want to pull out the hitch rack that we usually carry it on so I met her and we used the inverter in the Jeep to charge the battery. We had to do it twice to make it home but I just watched Youtube videos while I waited. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Lunch and dinner from Lucky Chinese Bistro. In the late afternoon, I cleaned and cut more bricks.

Tuesday: (07/06) I finished cleaning, cutting and laying the bricks for the front yard patio. I then swept mortar into the cracks and voids. Then I cleaned up the area and started putting things away. This was the last of the big jobs undertaken during the pandemic period. I wasn’t allowed to continue the painting project in San Jose so I started the new gardens, patios and dirt pile disposal. I do still need to finish the old garden patio but can’t do much on it until Lou and Dawn finish using the tent that sits there. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ham and cheese with hummus and red peppers for lunch. Chili beans for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/07) A relaxing day except for having to tinker on Dawn’s computer and phone. She needs to make sure her computer has a good backup, which it doesn't seem to have. Google drive sync isn’t working. Also her Google Photos on her iPhone hasn’t backed up photos since last December. Both simply will not work. Quite odd. Ham, eggs and toast for breakfast. Chili rellenos for lunch. Dawn made a stuffed squash for dinner.

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