Thursday, July 15, 2021

Tarwater/Shingle Creek Loop

Thursday: (07/15) Lou made scrambled eggs with the pepper from my plant and some onions and ham for breakfast. I headed off to Pescadero County Park to hike the Tarwater Shingle Creek loop trail. The trails there were closed for a year or more due to the CZU fire that burned most of the Western side of the mountain North of Santa Cruz. Parts of the San Mateo Park reopened a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t see any reason for the long closure. No trees burnt nor erosion near my trails today. A tree did fall on the bridge across Pescadero Creek. It’s an old Army Butler bridge about 100 feet long high over the creek. The tree wasn’t all that big, about 30” in diameter where it hit the lactic bridge structure. The bridge collapsed due to the damage. I also explored the Tarwater Campground. It looks like a nice spot for an overnighter sometime. Weather was nice and the trail was almost all shaded until the last ¼ mile of my return. I finished around noon and returned toward home via Alpine Road and Highway 84 rather than the way I came up Page Mill Road. I stopped at Chuck’s Donut shop. They have the best donuts in our area now. Then I picked up lunch from USA Chinese as well. Back home I took a shower then I glued the RV window cracked windshield. It missed the direct sun today but will have tomorrow's sun to cure it before we move the RV Saturday. Lou made Steak with baked potato and green beans for dinner.

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