Friday, July 16, 2021

RV Windshield Repair And Smog Test

Friday: (07/16) I tried to clean the windshield around noon and the glue wasn’t dry yet. When I tried to clean it in the evening it was so hard it was impossible to get off. In fact, I think it actually etched the glass so it may be a permanent scar but hopefully, at least, the crack should be stopped. I also worked in the office. Lou made steak and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. Chopped salads from our Corner Bakery Cafe for lunch. Baked potatoes for dinner.

Saturday: (07/17) Granola and banana for breakfast. I was off at 0830 with the RV to get the smog test completed. The RV has the cleanest engine of any vehicle I’ve ever had tested. It barely meets the minimum emission both this test and the last test. After the test I stopped and filled the LPG since I was out. It only took 2.7 gallons. Impressive since it’s been months since we last filled it. We received a package from Fedex. It was an early delivery of the new lithium battery for Dawn's scooter. I started the conversion but lunchtime interrupted the job. We all went to lunch at the Country Inn restaurant in Cupertino then Lou and Dawn visited a couple of thrift stores as I caught up on a couple of YouTube videos. Back home I needed a nap and that was it for the day. Ramen noodles with sausage for dinner.

Sunday: (07/18) Dawn made some kind of steamed cheese cake for breakfast. I installed the new LiFePo4 battery and charger in Dawn’s Zappy scooter. The old batteries were charged by an external charger. There was plenty of room for the charger to be onboard now and bringing the AC plug pigtail outside the battery compartment was easier than mounting the DC connector on the housing. It was too big to fit easily. I left it on charge so we can take the first ride this afternoon. For lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich with avocado dip spread. I worked on the new front yard garden spot. I removed the roots and turned the dirt with the shovel. Then I added some water. I should be able to use the rototiller in a couple of days, then start the removal of bad dirt and debris and add the compost. Dawn made some squash soup for dinner.

Monday: (07/19) I managed to relax all day. I did take a run around the neighborhood on Dawn’s trike to add more use of the battery. Fried toast with PBJ and soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Dawn made some squash soup for lunch. Lou made pasta with peppers and squash and some sausage for dinner.

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