Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bakersfield, Ca


We've stopped off in Bakersfield to see Uncle Doug and Aunt Helen.

On the way in we stopped by Camping World, looked at a couple of RV's, and separated the car. I filled the LPG tank, used their sanitary dump then went and had the oil changed and filled up with fuel. It was the most fuel I've added, 61 gallons. Pretty empty, but it was mostly down hill on I-5 from Gorman.

We had dinner at Spencers, one of our favorites, tortilla soup.


Helen and Lou went out shopping the town, Doug and Don hung around home tinkering on the RV's. Both RV's Washed, Doug's tires aired up, RV fueled, new wipers installed. Ready to roll.

Diner was at the Pantry on Brundage Lane. Bakersfield has some really good restaurants, but don't expect table clothes.

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