Monday, November 27, 2006

How Nice!

Lou and I enjoyed breakfast at Joanies Restaurant on California Avenue. We shared a Combination omlette and each enjoyed an aplle muffin. Very nice. Then we stopped by Fry's Electronics for a look around. We also had to check out the construction of the building next door.It's a parking garage/swimming pool building that is being built cast in place with two parking levels under ground and the pool on top. I'm not sure this projects could get by without our supervision.

It's really turned cold, by California standards, recently. The rain that we'd been having over the weekend is pretty much over.

This evening, my friend Bill Morris and I went up to San Francisco to the BAADAUG (Bay Area Application Developer Adobe User Group) meeting. It's an interesting drive up in rush hour traffic. The meetings are always interesting. I attend them ocassionally when we're in town. They are also ocassionally available online and I attend via the Internet. Anyway, this evening was very profitable. There were four door prizes, three books and a softeware bundle. Bill won one of the books, another member of our old Clarion Programmers group, Andy Kaczmarczyk, won another book, and I won the $2100 software bundle. We cleaned up. There were about 30 people present. The meeting was mostly about Flex and Fireworks in particular a Flash-based Slideshow extension for Fireworks. Quite interesting. As usual, one of the best things is the pizza and chat after the meeting.

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