Monday, November 20, 2006

Home For The Holidays

We left about 8:30 taking Highway 1 North. It was slightly foggy when we left but cleared North of Morro Bay and was nice all the way.

Monterey Wharf Lou On The Monterey Wharf
We stopped in Monterey for lunch on the Wharf.

View Of Marina From Restaurant At Monterey Wharf An Interested Seagull At Our Restaurant In Monterey
We had a nice view of the Monterey Marina and a seagull enjoyed the view of our lunch.

We made it home before the big rush of traffic.

Nice to be home. We'll probably be lazy home bodies tomorrow.

Broken Windshield Missing House
Our windshield was broken in eastern Nevada on our second day out.

While we were gone, the house across the street was removed (behind our car in the above picture on the right). I don't really understand the real estate market here in Palo Alto or California in general. There was a perfectly good post WWII house there. The new owners paid $785,000 for the place, then immediately spent a bunch more to "de-construct" it. You can't just knock down a house here, you have to take it apart and salvage most of it. Now, they'll build a monster house there. This is all very nice for the value of our measly old house when/if we ever decide to sell it, but it also means the neighbors will be even more actively bugging me to finish painting our house. Whenever I look at, I'm always glad we already own our house. We certainly couldn't afford to buy one here today, even if I did have a job, even with the recent drop in value here in the last year.

Statistics: Traveled 3962 miles, spent $1346.26 for 547.7 gallons of gas averaging 7.9 mpg. Bought 32.2 gallons of LPG for $79.87. We were on the road for 50 days, staying at 23 campsites. 19 days with hookup, 8 days primitive (paid for a place to park but no hookups), 23 days boondocking (didn't pay for anything).

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