Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Loosing Parts

Now that we're home it's time to get vehicles fixed up. Everything needs help. That's a given with older vehicles. The RV will need the windshield replaced before we head out. I haven't looked in to that much other than to get one quote of about $1500. Wow!. The "toad", our '92 Volvo wagon needs to get the damage from the accident in New Mexico repaired. That's scheduled for this coming Monday. And then there is the older, '87 Volvo wagon that needs to be smogged. That can't be completed for a couple of weeks. The state pays a major portion of the repair but , as usual, the paperwork will take a couple of weeks, but it's worth it. Should save $400 of the repair. We did have an exciting trip to the shop though. On our first attempt, we turned the corner and the muffler fell off. So we had to hold off on visiting the smog repair shop to get the muffler replaced at Midas since that's where the warranted for that is. Now this is why I prefer to be on the road, life is less complex.
It has been cold the last few days, like most everywhere else. Freezing weather is unusual here though. Maybe only a few nights a year.

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