Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Dead Horse Ranch SP, Cottonwood, AZ


Dead Horse Ranch SP, Cottonwood, Az Cottonwood, AZ Conchos Restaurant Peacock
We moved North to Cottonwood, Az just South of Flagstaff to the Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

We had dinner in old Cottonwood at Conchos, a Mexican restaurant frequented by a flock of peacocks.

Thursday Jerome:

Dead Horse Campground, Cottonwood, Az
We took a morning walk to bird watch.

Dead Horse Campground, Cottonwood, Az Dead Horse Campground, Cottonwood, Az
On our walk we passed a creek and a river that meander through the park.

Jerome Palace, Jerome, AZ Jerome, AZ Mr Milo Look-a-like
We had lunch at the Jerome Palace dining on Haunted Burgers. These were the best, and most pricey burgers we've ever had. Jerome is an old mining town turned tourist trap much like Bisbee, possibly a bit nicer.

We happened across a cat that looked very much like Mr Milo.

Friday Sedona:

We decided to stay in Cottonwood due to the Holiday weekend being upon us. Moving to Sedona would have been too much work and there would likely have been a difficulty getting a campsite. We haven't been there yet.

We drove up about noon after our leisurely morning of breakfast, flying the RC planes, and taking a long walk along the river. It's only about 17 miles away. Sedona seems to be highly over rated. There were crowds of people, scads of tourists traps with very high tourist prices on everything. Even the gas prices rose 40 cents just because it was a tourist trap. We got hungry and looked around for a restaurant. Nothing looked good. Again the prices were ridiculous. $14 for a taco and enchilada lunch? That ruined my appetite so we stopped by Burger King. They didn't raise the prices based on the geographic coordinates.

Sedona, Az Sedona, Az
Some views of Sedona.

Sedona, Az
Sedona, like almost every other city in the country has a bunch of fiberglas statues around town each painted by different artists. Their choice is the Havalina (a piglike beast found in the area).

We drove up Oak canyon. This is a nice place, lots of trees, nice looking rocks and could be quite enjoyable , if it weren't for all the development. The campgrounds are right on the highway. our site in Cottonwood is much nicer than anything we saw. The views around Sedona are spoiled everywhere by houses and shopping centers. We didn't have time to explore any trails but I'm not sure you could find anyplace to hike where you didn't hear traffic and see the buildings, and worry about trespassing.

All in all, there are other places just as pretty and much nicer. We'll probably return sometime with more time and see if the first impression is totally correct.


Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Az
There were sill flowers along the trails in November.
We're off toward Las Vegas. No hurry though, so probably won't get away until noon.

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