Friday, November 3, 2006

Silver City, NM

Before we departed our camp, we took a morning walk along the river to the North after which we flew our RC planes around the meadow again. This is a very nice campground since we were one of only two campsites that were occupied. It is fairly large with somewhat dispersed campsites but wouldn't be as nice when it was full with all the ATV folks buzzing around.

We headed down highway 180 to Silver City.

We stopped at the Silver City RV Park because it was in the Passport America book. They don't accept Passport America and it would appear they only listed to draw people in. It was only $21.50 without the discount so we stayed anyway.

We had lunch at the Golden Corral again. It's a good thing they aren't near our home! We had lunch at the Golden Corral again. It's a good thing they aren't near our home!

We did our shopping before going to the park so one task was to cook up stuff while we had power. I started pork , sauerkraut, and potatoes in the crock pot and grilled the remaining pork chops for the freezer. Meanwhile I was baking the sausage. We live by utilizing the microwave as much as possible so we'll be stocked up. Lou took care of the laundry while I cooked.
The campsite had a very high sewer connection so I used the macerator again. I've been wanting to make up a good adaptor to connect the garden hose connector to the 4 inch threaded inlet for the sewer. There was a nice hardware store a couple of blocks away so i made the adaptor. Now no worry of an escaped hose.

I was under a tree so couldn't get the Internet so no updates tonight

Silver City Accident Silver City Accident
Our departure from Silver City was delayed by a mishap. We had just finished fueling the RV on our way out of town when a lady in this red Blazer backed in to the left tail light of our toad. It took a while to get the police report completed and repair the light so we're staying at Walmart tonight.

Silver City Accident Silver City Accident
Seems like 30 feet would be enough clearance? I installed a temporary tail light which I got at Walmart so we can wait to repair it until we get home.

Silver City Walmart
Our "campsite" at Walmart provides a nice night time view of the city.

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