Saturday, November 18, 2006

El Churro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo, Ca


We rose early to get on the road. Not a great idea. We hit the valley fog almost immediately. Visibility of less than 100 feet, as in hard to see the red light at the signal. I tend to drive according to my capability to stop. Not so for a lot the the other drivers. Fortunately, it cleared up near I-5, 25 miles West of Bakersfield, and was nice the rest of the way.
We stopped for Breakfast in Arroya Grande at the Girls Restaurant. Then we dropped by the North Beach Campground of Pismo Beach SP. No space available so we headed up to San Luis Obispo to the El Churro Regional Park. We got a nice site but there is a nice, tall Eucalyptus tree in the way of the satellite. Looks like it won't be a computing weekend.


Lou fixed a nice breakfast of fried potatoes, peppers, and onions in Pepperplant sauce. It was served with mild Italian sausage. Ummm!

We walked over to the arboretum. Very nice , as usual.
El Churro Bird El Churro Lizard
A bird and a lizard at the gardens.

El Churro Spider El Churro Bee
Beasts in the garden a spider and a bumble bee.

El Churro Quail El Churro Campsite
A covey of Quail visit our campsite and a cover shot of our campsite.

El Churro Flowers El Churro Suculents
Lots of nice flowers in the garden.

El Churro Workcrew El Churro Workcrew
A team of volunteers from Cal-Poly were installing another wooden bench. It was fun watching them try to apply their engineering studies to the installation of a post bench.

El Churro Workcrew
The bench installation project nearing completion.

We then went to the baseball diamond next door to fly the RC planes. Perfect place for that.All ths "work" made us hungry so we went downtown to the Golden China buffet for lunch, then walked around looking at some of the shops.

Don's leg wasn't working right so we limited our walk. By the time we got home, Lou's leg was bothering her so we relaxed all evening.

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