Friday, November 24, 2006

Don and The Car Get A Checkup

Thursday, we enjoyed a relaxed Thanksgiving holiday. We had dinner at the Hometown buffet. Brother Ernie is on the road back East and won't be back to cook. We're too lazy to, so we went out. Ernie should be able to help out later, possibly aroud Christmas.

Saturday, Lou's car went in for a smog test. It flunked again this year. It sat parked and unused while we were away. That surely didn't help. It is getting older, 20 years old next month. For some reason, it fails the NO but is perfet on the other samples. Two years ago it took 5 tests and the replacement of the catalytic converter to get it to pass. This year, I'll try a different approach. I'll try one of the Gold Shield test stations that will, now that it's failed the "Test Only" station testing, where they can both repair it and do the followup test at one place. This should eliminate a bunch of retests that were required last time.

One of the reasons for returning home was for medical and dental appointments. Monday was my turn at the dentist. All went well.

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