Wednesday, November 1, 2006

FS Campground, Luna, NM

We rose before the sun and left our spot on the highway. We stopped in Springerville, AZ for breakfast at the Safire Restaurant, the local old timers spot. Nice breakfasts.

The Tourist Information Center was open after breakfast so we picked up some info and asked a few questions. We then headed back toward New mexico on South on Highway 180. We happened upon a nice looking Forest Service Campground with big trees and a stream, things we haven't seen to many of through most of New Mexico. We'll stay the night at least.

San Francisco River at FS Campground, Luna, NM San Francisco River at FS Campground, Luna, NM
We took a walk South along the San Francisco River which flows right by the campsite. We also enjoyed the sun for while. Nice camp!

Forest Service Campsite, Luna, NM Trail at FS Campground, Luna, NM
Our campsite near Luna, NM right by the meadow. We hiked the trails either direction from the campground along the river. We had a nice large meadow to fly our RC planes.

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