Saturday, November 4, 2006

Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, AZ


Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, AZ Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, AZ
Moved South to a Stewart Campground, Cave Creek Canyon, SE of Portal, AZ in the Coronado National Forest. Beautiful area, high rocky cliffs and peaks on both sides of the forested canyon, by a nice creek. Our campsite is the only one in Stewart campground that could take our size RV, have a clear area for solar and satellite, and is right by the creek. There is another campground about a 1/4 mile away called Sunny Flat that easily takes large RVs, and more than half the sites are clear for solar and satellite but all are quite a ways from the creek, so we slipped into this nice site (#6) at Stewart campground. No cell phone here so again it's nice to have the Datastorm. We'll probably stay here a couple of days before continuing South to Douglas.

We drove up FR42 a ways and hiked a trail into the wilderness for a couple of miles and returned.


Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az
Nice scenery here!. We especially liked our place in the creek.

Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az
More good scenery. Good mix of rugged cliffs and forest. We didn't see much in the way of wildlife, but, if a butterfly can be considered wild....
Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az
A trophy shot from the top of one of the mountains. I wasn't the only thing there though. How was he able to get to the top with those short legs?
Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az
There were even some flowers to be seen. Lou enjoys a rest by the creek. The leaves floating in the creek were interesting.
Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az Cave Creek Canyon, Portal, Az
The creek kept appearing and disappearing along the trail. Here the water is on top, like a creek should be. There was a bush that had leaves like holly that had these spotter red ball on it. It was the only one like it to be seen. All the other similar plants didn't.

We had the camp all to our selves last night.


Molly The Deer
We made our way to the American Museum of Natural History, Research station shortly after 8am. They really weren't open but the caretaker opened the gift shop for a look around. Not much there but on our way in, a large doe with a red bandanna came running up. Her name is Molly and she was bottle fed here. They trying to keep her around home so the hunters don't get her. They're all over the hills right now. She's much like a very friendly dog. She very much misses the students since they left. There were also two very nice cats to pet as well.

After our short visit to the Research Station, we broke came and headed to Douglas. We mailed some letters and took a look around the shops downtown. We had lunch at the Grand Cafe. It was recommended and was worth the visit. We each had combination lunches the included Chile relleno, enchilada, tamale, rice and beans with a salad. Very good while very different from our normal haunts.

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