Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dentist Visit and A New eeePC

The morning was consumed with a shopping trip. First stop, the bank to deposit a check. Next stop Longs for some sundry items. Next Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) for some stuff for Lou's projects. Next stop, Costco for blue towels, laundry soap and lunch. Costco is little nicer place to shop on a weekday.

When we returned it was time for me to prepare for my dentist appointment. All went well at the dentist so I called about the RV to see if it was ready or would be ready today since I was half way to San Jose already. The RV wouldn't be ready so homeward bound I became. When I got home Dawn's potatoes and onion soup was ready.

I started to relax when I got a call from Central Computer In Santa Clara that they had an eeePC for me. Surprise! When I visited their store by chance yesterday, they had a demo eeePC. I liked it. Nobody seems to ever have one to sell though, so I left my name on their waiting list. That was a quick wait. It was rush hour and the wrong direction to get tonight so I told them I'd be there tomorrow. Well that didn't last, I dashed on down in the traffic and picked it up while they had it. I didn't want them accepting a bribe and having it disappear.

Once home it popped out of the box and was setup and online in about 5 minutes. That's because it's a Linux computer not a windows computer. Some of the reasons I got it are: 1. size, it's about 9x6x1, or tiny. 2. It has good battery life because it is very low power. It includes all the essentials and no fluff. 4. It has wireless connectivity. 5. It has a camera. 6. It's neat.

I guess I'll be busy this evening. Yes, this post was made using the new eeePC.

Oh, I guess I need to make a correction. The name of the computer is the eeePC for Easy to learn work play, Excellent mobile experience, Excellent Internet experience. That would be a mouth full so it's shortened to eeePC but it's pronounced E-PC.

Brother Ernie called and estimated his arrival at 11 pm.

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