Monday, November 19, 2007

RV Off To The Doctor

Up real early to deliver the RV for service to Leale's in San Jose. Traffic was light, as expected. It was just after the end of darkness after all. I had breakfast, listened to the radio morning jabber, and read while I waited for them to open.

The RV needed a little attention. The service light has been coming on, for quite a while. The transmission shifting has been a little more jerky and all the fluids and filters need changing. It's also getting a pre-trip inspection. Getting the RV serviced here at home is always a hassle but not as much hassle as a breakdown on a trip. If lucky, it will be returned today.

I planned on looking around the area while they worked on it. I stopped by Central Computer in San Jose and they had an eeePC on display to try out. Quit nice but the keyboard is tiny. My fingers need to go on a diet. Everything works quit well and the performance on the web is great. This post made with the eeePC.

I stopped at Lowe's and saw a nice attic ladder that might work in our small, hard to get at attic opening in Dawn's house in San Jose.

There was also a visit to the big Fry's in Sunnyvale. This store replaced the original first Fry's location that moved from a small strip mall store on Oakmead near Lawrence Expressway. They then moved to a location across the street from this current location near Lawrence and Arques and then to this current location which is a very big store. They're an offshoot of Fry's markets and their original location used to dedicate about 1/3 of the store to food and drink items (snacks) for computer geeks. The rest was electronics components and gray market computers. Things change. Business has been good for them. They are an example of what's been happening in the area though. This current store used to be a manufacturing plant, Singer electronics. Among other things, they manufactured traffic signal controllers and such. So many of that type of facility have been replaced by big box stores like Fry's and by monster homes on tiny lots and by condominiums. Things change.

I got a call from the service manager at Leale's describing the damage to be. The RV will have to spend the night or two in the hospital. One of the exhaust manifolds needs to be replaced. That will quite down the typical Chevy clap-clap sound of all of their engines. Seems like all older Chevy's sound that way. I knew this problem existed but had gotten used to it. The service light and shifting problem were probably from the same source, the throttle position sensor error. They are also replacing a bad oil line. Now they can proceed with the fluids and stuff but it won't be back today. They are also fixing the electric stairs that got bent years ago when they went down when the RV was going down the road. Hopefully it will return ready for an extended trip and a period of being ignored again.

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