Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reno or Bust

Thursday: Today planned on driving the car over to Reno for a short visit. Due to weather, length of stay, and fuel costs the RV stays home. I put all the yard plants into the greenhouse a little early this year since I know that our first freeze would happen while we were away. That's usually done around Thanksgiving time.

After Dawn got off work, we left about 3:30 and enjoyed some heavy traffic especially through Sacramento. We intended to stop at Luis's Mexican restaurant but it is out of business. Too bad, it was great when we were last there a few years ago. We stopped at Safeway at their deli for dinner. It was probably better since we didn't over eat as would have occurred at Luis's. We stopped for a short visit at Boom Town then on to Reno arriving about 9:30. We checked in to our room at the Silver Legacy and Lou and Dawn called it a night. They hadn't had the Red Bull drink that I had so I took a walk around all the casino's down town before retiring.

Friday: Breakfast at the Silvery Legacy buffet. We then drove down to Carson City to the state museum. Dawn wanted to check out their book store. Lou visited a couple of clay shops and then there were the thrift shops. We then returned to Reno for Dinner at the Black Bear Diner. Then a tour of the casinos until we were worn out.

Saturday: We started the day with breakfast at the El Dorado Buffet. Nice breakfast and we all managed to control ourselves so we could still move when we left. We checked out of the hotel and Lou and Dawn took off for a tour of all the local thrift shops. Dawn found books. Lou found a single child bike trailer. We have a double wide in the attic but Lou intends to turn the single wide into a shopping cart for Dawn.
I went across the street to the Civic Center transit station and bought a day pass and headed South on Virginia Street. Key visits were the PC Club store to see a EEE-PC. They didn't have one but I did talk to the manager who bought the only one they have received and I got my questions answered. For info, the EEE-PC is a brand new computer that only costs $400, is tiny, uses Linux, and has a flash drive rather than a hard drive. It is also extremely low power so would be good for use in the RV. I'm about ready to buy one.

I stopped at Sierra RV to see a Newmar. They had a couple of Canyon Stars but not the 29' model I wanted to see. I did get a look ant the construction and a quick look says it's good.

Home Depot to see what thay have in Reno thats different than ours. One thing was all the snow blowers. I also talked to a factory rep for the Ryobi tools. They had a neat air compressor that works with the same batteries as my drill. The batteries on my current compressor are shot and I need to replace them or replace the compressor. I also need new batteries. Some of my current batteries are over four years old and don't hold a charge long. Ryobi now has Lithium batteries to replace the NiMh batteries. They cost twice as much but once charged will hold the charge on the shelf effectively indefinitely so the drill, flashlight or saw will be ready to use when needed rather than after being charged.

We stopped at The Black Bear Diner for desert and tea, then got gas and headed toward home about 4pm. It rained heavily all the way home. 260 miles of heavy rain driving was no fun, but at least, there was no snow going over the mountains. We made it home just before 9pm.

On the road, Dawn became a year older. She was born at 6:01 pm on November 10th. This was her trip.

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