Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Off To A TSA Meeting

No, not the Transportation Security Administration, the Traffic Signal Association. We've existed a lot longer than those upstarts.

Interesting day. Lou's car is on the fritz again. Seems like it won't start in the afternoons. That makes return trips hard. I got up early so I could clean up and catch a bus early toward San Jose. I bought a day pass but didn't ride the bus too far, just to down town Mountain View where I picked up a pork bun at the Hong Kong Bakery then caught the Light Rail. After a bit more than an hour in transit, I got off and walked the mile or so to my former work site. The Traffic Signal Association, an organization I belong to, was having a meeting there. It was nice to see some of the former co-workers and get together with others from TSA.

The presentation at the meeting was about new vehicle detector technology from Sensys Networks. Actually, it's not really new but improved to the point where it now works. They are 3 axis magnetometer sensors buried in the roadway. They use wireless communications to communicate to the traffic control or other systems. They are used extensively in California to provide the traffic map data for the state DOT. Quite interesting.

After the meeting I went to lunch with the speaker and an associate. After that I continued my "walk and ride about." I walked East and caught the light rail again. It was about a mile away in the opposite direction I arrived from. I rode over to the Great Mall for a look around. Lou called and we arranged to meet for dinner in Mountain View. I rode the rails some more. I stopped by the Hong Kong bakery and picked up some things for breakfast then caught a bus back to the San Antonio Mall to meet Lou and Dawn for dinner at the New Tung Kee Noodle restaurant. After dinner we picked up some things at the market then went home. Wow. Off for a little meeting and it takes all day.

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