Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hobee’s For Breakfast

We walked over to Hobee's for breakfast.

Hobee's is a nice restaurant about a half mile from home. They started out in Mountain View in the mid '70's at Central Expressway and Rengstroff Ave. That location is still open. It was originally a Dairy Queen like drive in built in the corner of a strip mall. They served the usual drive-in fare. Then they started making the greatest fresh fruit milkshakes, then smoothies, then energy drinks. They expanded into the next store with more indoor space and started serving breakfast. They became famous for their coffee cake. Their house tea is mulling spice tea. Everything they make is good. They now have many locations from Belmont to San Jose.

Back in those mid '70's I used to occasionally be working next to Hobee's and go by there for a milkshake or lunch, or both. Always a treat. The location where we had breakfast is across Highway 82, El Camino Real, from what was the Ricky's Hyatt House Motel. It was quite a nice Motel and it was where President Clinton stayed when he was in town to visit with Chelsea at Stanford. He had the occasional breakfast at Hobee's, as well. The motel is no more having been demolished and now becoming condominiums and houses.

After breakfast Lou and Dawn walked toward home with a visit to the Goodwill store and Walgreen's. I felt like more of a walk and headed for a tour of Sears, Walmarts, Target, Costco, and Best Buy making a round of about 5 miles before getting back home. What was I thinking?

Tomorrow the RV goes in for service in San Jose. I need to be there at 8am so I prepared to leave by removing what needs to be removed and hooking up the toad. Should get out quick in the morning before the rush.

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