Friday, November 2, 2007

Dryer Dries

Thursday: While I was still in Pismo Beech, Lou mentioned that the dryer didn't dry. Since Lou was threatening to fix it herself, I started the repair yesterday. Since it was just the heat missing it was likely one of the temperature sensors that failed. It would have helped to have a manual to describe how to disassemble the thing, but none was available so it was the trial and error method. It did come apart without damage, eventually and inside was a welcome piece of paper with something like a wiring diagram. I checked the sensors with my meter and one was open. Of course the only way to remove it was to disassemble the rest of the dryer including the drum. What fun! It turns out it wasn't a sensor but a thermal fuse that looks like one. Sears parts department had one but it now being late in the afternoon and located in San Jose, it would have to wait until tomorrow.

Friday: I still am not in a mood for work so didn't do much in the morning but did get outside and tinkered with the preparation to pour some more sidewalk.

Lou picked up the part for the dryer when she ws out and about with Dawn. It was fairly easily installed and amasingly, the dryer went back together without any problems and it even worked. Now, if I designed the dryer, there would be an access hole or cover from which that fuse could be replaced making this 3 hour job a 10 minute job. If this had been repaired by the technician from Sears, it likely would have been a three week job with three visits as it was for our tenant in San Jose for the dryer and another three visits for the dishwasher a couple of months ago.

Since we're now home again, the blog will now return to the mundane happenings of home. Sorry for that.

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