Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leaks, Mice and Trees

Monday: We were all going to go down to San Jose today but it was supposed to be this afternoon. At about 9:30, Dawn remembered she had an appointment at 10am there so we dashed off quickly.

Last week, when I stopped at Lowe’s I bought a new attic ladder. It’s a neat telescoping spring balanced ladder for small openings. After measuring and looking at what was needed to make the ladder work I decided to return it. It’s about 6 inches too short.

After Dawn returned from her appointment we all went to breakfast at Don Pedro’s restaurant downtown. We actually had lunch but the first meal of the day should be called breakfast. Lou and I had nice chili rellenos. Dawn had tacos. All very good.

Lou and Dawn stopped by the university library and I returned to Dawn’s place. The tenants kitchen sink had a leak since Lou worked on mouse proofing. The tenant has been finding droppings so we’ve been trying to seal the house better and exterminate the little critters. Some were killed when the house was fumigated a few weeks ago. Evidently the neighbors have a problem with them and now they are wandering over? They may be using the dog door? Any way, a little tightening seemed to eliminate the leak, I hope.

We all had dinner at the Bay Buffet, a Chinese buffet. We haven’t been there yet. There are three big Chinese buffets in San Jose and we’ll be checking them out. I really like the ones in Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo but haven’t found a good place near home yet. The Bay Buffet was fairly good but nothing special. The search continues.

After dinner, Lou dropped me off in downtown San Jose near the bus stop. I caught a bus home to Palo Alto. She and Dawn remained for their classes here in San Jose.

Tuesday: Nothing significant happened today.

12 Missing Cedar Limb.JPG
Car Damaged By Tree Limb.JPG Car Damaged By Tree Limb.JPG
Wednesday: Lou called early to tell me a big limb had fallen from the big cedar tree we just had thinned there at the house in San Jose. The limb was more than 12” in diameter and knocked off a six inch limb from the neighbors tree. One of the limbs fell on the neighbors car causing a small dent and broken headlight. Luckily only a small dent for such a big limb. I drove down quickly to take some pictures and the neighbor provided a couple she took of the car damage earlier. I then called the City to remove the debris. The city wouldn’t allow us to remove the tree before and required the pruning, now? They’ll be getting a letter from us.

I then returned home. Enough excitement. Lou and dawn had their classes and meetings and the thrift shop looking to do.

RV Latch.JPG Repaired RV Latch Arm.JPG
Thursday: Not too much exciting today. I did go out and look over the RV. I wanted to check the work that was done to it. I found that they had broken the hood latch. It’s a typical RV compartment latch, push the button to pop out a tee handle that turns to move an arm that latches the hood. You need to be alert enough to be sure the latch is open before slamming the hood shut, Most mechanics and oil changers are not that alert. I removed the arm and welded it together with a little re-enforcement as well. Good until the next service.

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