Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Long Awaited New Library

Saturday: (12/06) A nice sunny day. After a nice Lou's breakfast we made our way to the grand opening of the new Mitchel Park Library and Community Center.

New palo Alto Library Ribbon Cutting 0278 New palo Alto Library Roof 0281
With what seems to be the recently normal Palo Alto project management this opening was delayed more than two years due to problems with the construction. It is nice to have it open now but it probably wasn't worth waiting for. It's a new modern library, the kind that where books are obsolete. Seems like fewer books in more space. The construction is such that normal wear and tear will make it look really shabby in a year or so.

Palo Alto Mobile Cmmand Center 0283
While there we also got a tour of the police departments command vehicle. A real waste of money. It does nothing that a proper fixed facility can't do. These vehicles are everywhere since 2001. As we were told it was only about half local money, the rest was a federal grant. Typical lack of understanding where public money comes from. Enough rant. Otherwise I relaxed while Lou and Dawn were off to a Christmas cookie party. We had lunch at LUU Noodle house and I had leftover pizza for dinner.

Sunday: (12/07) Overcast but no rain today. We did have some showers last night. I spent most of the day working in the greenhouse and moving plants into it for the winter. Lou made French toast and bacon for breakfast. Grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches for lunch. Dawn's soup for dinner.


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