Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stevens Creek Trail

Saturday: (12/13) No rain today, just mostly overcast. Waffles and bacon for breakfast. We decided to take a walk today. I have wanted to scout the Stevens Creek Trail in mountain View. I'd like to have a few rainy day hikes ready and this trail is a city trail and paved all the way. It turns out it's probably not a good really rainy day candidate because several road crossings are passing under roads with the creek where high water can, and did rise above the trail, two feet above in this recent storm per the debris. It is a nice walk from Sunnyvale through Mountain View out to the bay. about 4.5 miles one way. Lou and Dawn made it 2.5 miles up trail today, pretty good. I did the whole 9 miles and picked them up.  Dinner was Lou's BBQ ribs, twice baked potatoes and coleslaw.

Stevens Creek Trail 0333

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