Thursday, December 11, 2014

And The Rains Came, Really!

The predicted 10 year severe storm came. Fortunately the winds left early while the rain continued. Our pump is cycling every few minutes to get rid of the water from the yard and downspouts. Even so, we have some good puddles in the back yard where it doesn't drain into drain inlets. We could go out and sail some toy boats if we wanted. I enjoyed the day working at the computer. I did learn of a couple of missing items on some hike announcements I made for our visit to Pinnacles National Park in a couple of weeks. I forgot to mention the directions to the trailhead and it would have been easy to to end up 95 miles away by road or 7 miles away by trail because the two sides of the park do not connect by a short road. I also forgot to mention the $10 entrance fee. These things can be important to some. I'm amazed. I scheduled three hikes and have 20 people for one and 10 each for the other two. I assume if you'll drive 90 miles to do a 5 hour hike a $10 fee wouldn't bother you. So, I updated the hike info on the meetup website. We're cheating and camping at the park for the week. I really didn't expect too many hikers from our group due to the distance and because it's over New Years Eve week with one hike on New Years Eve day. In addition, two of the hikes are in the Wilderness, not the well developed trails. The rain continued and the rear yard was a few inches deep in places. It was nice to be inside all day.. I was tinkering with my server, wherever it is trying to make some adjustments that evidently are not possible. Hopefully I'll get it setup correctly eventually. The more rain the better. Popcorn for breakfast. Spaghetti for lunch. Dawn's vegetable soup for dinner.

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