Sunday, December 28, 2014

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area

Sunday: (12/28) Another nice morning with a few light clouds here and there today. Today we were off to look at a possible future camping spot, Laguna Mountain Recreation Area to see if the motorhome could go there. Two nice campsites most suitable for the RV, nice and level. Pretty good road to the site. Not too many trails yet, mostly short stubs but they are building a loop trail which I'll need to check on. Laguna Mountain RA is about 26 miles Southeast of our campground in the Pinnacles National Park.

We then headed North on our Sunday drive to Gilroy. I found I needed a few things so we visited Harbor Freight and Walmart, and of course a thrift store. I decided to pickup a bundle of work gloves for my Friday hike this week. Just insurance for the barbed  wire pig fence passage portion of the trail. We also needed a short heavy duty extension cord for our electric heater. It normally sits under the dinette table by a dedicated outlet but since Dawn uses the dinette as her bed we can't leave the heater on due to her blankets blocking the air flow. We had a late lunch at the Black Bear Diner. We didn't get back to camp until after 1900. Lou served leftover chicken with rice and carrots for dinner.

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