Friday, December 19, 2014

A Rainy Walk At Saratoga Gap

Friday: (12/19) Lou made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I quickly unloaded part of my load of dirt so Lou would have use of the jeep while I used the Hyundai for my hike carpool. I drove over to Jessica's house and picked her up, Our other carpooler cancelled. We headed up to Saratoga Gap Vista Point to meet the other hikers for the hike. Last night I checked the weather forecast for today and it didn't look any better so I sent out a message to all the people signed up for the hike. While there were 37 people signed up a few days ago, the list had dropped to 22. My message advised that our hike would be wet and muddy. not surprisingly, the list dropped to 15 people. Actually, that is surprising since we had a 50% chance of rain. Anyway, 13 people actually showed up for the hike and yes it rained most of the way. This hike was planned to cover about 8.5 miles through Castle Rock State Park then provide an option to end there or continue for another 4.5 miles through Long Ridge and Saratoga Gap Open Space preserves for a 12.1 mile total hike. With the steady rain we all opted to do the short version. It actually was a nice hike since everyone was prepared for the rain. My jacket was soaked. Nice hike. These past two hikes were both in the rain and both had good attendance. My group has some really intrepid hikers. A ham sandwich for a late lunch. Macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Saratoga Gap Hike Mushroom 0350 Saratoga Gap Hike 0351
Some mushrooms and the headwaters of San Lorenzo River.

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