Saturday, December 20, 2014

Now For Some Sun

Saturday: (12/20) Lou made breakfast sandwiches then we were off to do the weekly shopping. We did some extra to stock up for our trip next week to the Pinnacles. When we returned I dumped the rest of the dirt from the rear of the Jeep. Most of the rest of the day I relaxed and or worked in the office. i also simultaneously watched a bunch of Durango Kid movies.  Subway sandwiches for a very late lunch. Lunch was late enough so that some apples and peanut butter served for dinner.

Sunday: (12/21) There was a hint of sun this morning but it was mostly overcast and occasionally sprinklly all day. Our tenant in San Jose called to say that an alarm was going off in Dawn's apartment. I drove down and heard nothing but replaced all the smoke alarm batteries in the house. When i tested them later, one of the three AA batteries in Dawn's apartment was dead. This is when they usually get replaced but this year one battery didn't make it to the finish line. Lou made breakfast sandwiches this morning. I stopped for Dim Sum on the way home. Dinner was shrimp pasta with a carrot salad.

Monday: (12/22) Lou and Dawn were off early for an appointment then to meet Dawn's friend Andrea. I attended a couple of webinars in the morning, one recorded, one live. Breakfast was the typically usual breakfast sandwich, this time with ham. I then tinkered at the computer blogging, updating websites and ? For lunch i took a walk to get a couple of donuts. Nice day though not much sun. I later continued lunch with an olive loaf sandwich.  Lou made some excellent ham, macaroni and cheese casserole for dinner with red cabbage.

Tuesday: (12/23) Nice clear skies and no rain! Lou made breakfast sandwiches then Dawn and I were off to the Dentist. Leftovers for lunch then Lou Dawn and Andrea were out on the town again.

Wednesday: (12/24) Some rain showers today. A ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. Lou was off early for shopping. Opened Christmas presents in the evening after dinner. I worked on the RV. replaced the broken City water inlet, drained the water tank, filled the filtered drinking water bottles, collected my tools, and started tidying up and putting things away. Beef stew for dinner. Courtney and Cecelia joined us for dinner.

Thursday: (12/25) Oatmeal for breakfast. Deviled eggs and stuffed olives for nibbles. An early 1400 Christmas dinner. Courtney, Cecelia, Meile, Ping, Anan, Ernie and ourselves. Ham, potatoes a gratain, glazed heirloom carrots, and fruit salad. Apple strudel and/or fruit cake with peppermint stick ice cream for desert. In the afternoon, I did my packing for the trip.

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