Monday, December 1, 2014

First Good Rains Arrive

 Monday: (12/01) Lou and I had an appointment this morning. Today was another clean up day. I spent some time in my office, Lou in the closet. Lou made waffles for breakfast. We had leftovers for lunch. I had latkas and bacon. For dinner I made a new dish I saw on The Chew TV show last week. Creamed Spinach Potato Gratin with pepper sausages. It was very good.

Tuesday: (12/02) Another very rainy day. I spent the day in the office cleaning up the files. Leftover Creamed Spinach Potato Gratin with pepper sausages for breakfast. It was 50% off today at Uncle John's pizza today so I had pizza for dinner. Lou and Dawn had to fend for themselves by getting a glutton free pizza from Chicago pizza. There's cost 2.5 times as much for one third the size of pizza.

Wednesday: (12/03) Another very rainy day. I spent the afternoon cleaning up the greenhouse. I was busy pruning the plants that have remained there all summer as well. Pizza for breakfast. Salmon rice for dinner

Thursday: (12/04) Another very rainy day. Office cleanup today. Pizza for breakfast. Lou made creamed Spinach Potato Gratin again with chorizo for dinner. This is round two at the recipe. The next attempt by Dawn may be with hamburger?

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