Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Wonderful Rain

Sunday: (12/14) A wonderful breakfast at Brian's Restaurant in Los Altos. A visit to Fry's Electronics. And more rain.

Monday: (12/15) Breakfast sandwiches to start our day. I drove Lou to an appointment and dropped Dawn off at the train on the way. Rain much of the day. I had a webinar to attend after Lou's appointment. We didn't make it home so I stopped off at a Marshal's store in Mountain View to let Lou have something to do while I was Webinar-ing for an hour and a half. It's the first time I've used my Nexus 7 for a webinar. It worked fine. Olive loaf and horseradish cheese sandwiches for lunch. Some computer updates and maintenance occupied my evening. Baked potatoes with BBQ ribs and coleslaw for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/16) Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment in San Jose. After I made a breakfast sandwich I was off to San Jose as well. I dropped off a few things at the house and took some measurements then headed over to Campbell to Lane Sprinkler Supply where I picked up a pump basin with extensions. I also stopped by Home Depot to look at a few things as well. I then stopped at La Victoria to pick up lunch. I was next in line when Lou called and said we should meet at Super Taqueria for lunch. So, I left La Victoria and met Lou and Dawn at Super Taqueria. I finally got to work about 1230. I dug the hole for the basin, a deep hole about 36 inches round and 4.5 feet deep. I then placed the basin and extension in place and hooked up one drain line and a stub for the other. I still need to trench about 10 feet across the flower bed to hook up the other line, possibly tomorrow. I backed filled part of the basin until I ran out of rock. It was starting to sprinkle so I put away my things as it turned into ta heavy rain. Luckily, I had a pretty good day, no rain until 1530 after a good rain over night. That's what I'm hoping tomorrow will be like as well. Monday-Wednesday /were/are all 50% chance of rain days. I cleaned up and drove back to Palo Alto. I hadn't planned on actually getting any work done today just getting the basin. When I got home I fixed pork chops which I diced and put in a rice, beans and salsa mixture which Lou topped with Mexican sour cream and avocado slices. Yummy!

San Jose Sidewalk Grinding 0340 San Jose Drain Pump Basin 0341
Above left, the city finally did grind the supposed trip hazard on our sidewalk. On right is the sump.

Wednesday: (12/17) A bit more rain today. Lou made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. i then headed down to San Jose stopping at U-Save Rockery for some baserock. It was raining as I finished loading the rock. I quickly unloaded the buckets of baserock and went inside. It was now raining a steady hard. I watched some TV and after a while visited my nearby Subway shop for a sandwich for lunch. I finally got back to work about 1330. I backfilled around the pump basin and one of the connector trenches using all the baserock I had brought. And I had thought I'd have way too much but still need more. I then loaded some of the dirt (mud) from the dirt pile and transported it back to Palo Alto where I added it to my dirt pile. Lou had made a nice pot roast which i enjoyed for dinner before heading back to San Jose. I was raining hard again. Hopefully it stops tonight and dries out enough to work tomorrow. I shopped my way back to San Jose in terrible traffic. Nice to get out of it and into dry stores a few times.It was always just as bad when I returned to the road.

Thursday: (12/18) Breakfast at La Victoria Restaurant. While it's not raining it's still rather wet. I got out into the mud at about 0900. I backfilled about four feet with dirt from a new section I started to dig out. I ended up installing about five feet of drain line with clean out and to drain inlets on for the gutter and one for the low flower bed. I also prepared a load for the Jeep. Dirt management is my job now. Lou and Dan borrowed the Jeep all afternoon so they could transport Dawn's friend Andre and here seeing eye dog. The dog has more room to relax in the Jeep. Lunch at Subway. I loaded up the Jeep after cleaning up and getting it back. They still have their $2 meat ball sandwiches. Leftover beans and rice with pork chops for dinner. Not a really productive week but some progress was made. No more work until January 5th now. Time for Christmas break and a little trip. Lou and Dawn attended a History Club event this evening.

San Jose Drain 0345 San Jose Drain 0347
A couple of dams to help keep the amount of unfilled trench to a minimum.

San Jose Drain 0348
All secured for the holiday break.

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