Friday, December 12, 2014

Monte Bello Ridge Hike In The Rain

Friday: (12/12) I made breakfast sandwiches to start the day. Sorry jack In The Box. After the extreme rain yesterday, today wasn't bad. In fact, when I fist looked outside the sidewalk was dry. Later when I was waiting for my carpoolers to arrive, it was sprinkling a little. Fortunately Jessica, one my fellow hikers did the driving today. We drove up to Monte Bello Ridge OSP and met our fellow hikers, all 14 that were signed up. We enjoyed a nice hike out the Canyon Trail. Since it's an old roadbed, the mud wasn't as much of a problem as it would have been on a slippery trail. A nice route for today. The usually dry and minimal creeks were flowing well. In fact, Stevens Creek was too wide to cross at the terminus of our route. Nice hike! I had leftover dim sum and a hot dog for lunch.

Monte Bello Hike 0322 Monte Bello Hike 0332
A rainy hike with nice views.

Monte Bello Hike 0328 Monte Bello Hike 0324
Lots of water today. Normally it's just a short step across the Stevens Creek.

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