Monday, December 29, 2014

Pinnacles NP, Condor Gulch/High Peaks/Bear Gulch Hike

Monday: (12/29) A nice morning, warmer, no frost this morning. A breakfast sandwich to prepare for my hike. Seven hikers arrived for my hike. We were on the Condor Gulch Trail about 1000 and finished about 1500. Nice clear skies and shirt sleave weather. We met Joe, a member of the Condor Crew with his radio tracker checking the position of the condors in the area at the top of the High Peaks Trail. He was a wealth of information about the birds. We had lunch with Joe as we learmed everything about the birds. While there a couple of Condors were spotted flying across the valley. Too far to get a really good view. Just after we left a pair started circling just over our heads nice and close. The birds continued to circle almost like they wanted to make sure Joe got a good view of them. We certainly did. Then at the Juniper Trail Junction we met Susan, another hiker from our group out for a hike with her family. As we headed home we visited the Bear Gulch Reserviour which was full. Then we completed the hike through the Bear Gulch Caves which were wonderful. Great 6.7 mile hike.

Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0397 Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0399
Looking up toward the High Peaks from the Condor Gulch Trail. On the right we are taking a little side trip off the trail.

Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0402 Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0403
Some of the fun spots in the High Peaks area.

Pinnacles High Peaks Trail Condor Crewman Joe 0406 Pinnacles Condor Viewing On High Peaks Trail 0414
Condor Crew member Joe taking radio sightings while we lunched. On the right we're headed down from the top where we then sighted the circling condor.

Pinnacles Condor Viewing On High Peaks Trail 0416 Pinnacles Condor Viewing On High Peaks Trail 0419
A concor circling overhead.

Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0426 Pinnacles High Peaks Trail 0429
Heading down toward Bear Gulch on High Peaks Trail.

Pinnacles Bear Gulch Rserviour 0432
Bear Gulch Reservoir.

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