Thursday, August 14, 2014

PCT Hike, MM 2317 - 2329, Dewey Lake

Thursday: (08/14) I was on trail at 0730. It wasn't raining. Started with a climb then entered Mt Raineer National Park where the trail meandered up and down but no bad climbs. About 1530 it started to rain. I tried to wait it out for 30 minutes under a tree but the rain continued. I finally continued another mile to a campsite stopping early. Earlier, when the rain started, I tried my rain suit. I'm drier walking in the rain that sweating in the suit. No views today. Foggy and overcast all day. Camped MM 2329 by myself, next to Dewey Lake.

Typical trail. Note the sky.

I watched a couple of marmots for a while.

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