Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 11, Mile 94.4 To Warner Springs

(04/28) Up at 0800 due to waiting for the wind to subside. I passed Black Swan who had camped further down the hill. He’s traveling a little slower than me due to knee pain. I also passed Bunter and Grettle? hikers from Germany doing a section up to Big Bear. I stopped by Billy Goats Cave, a little 12 foot long mine tunnel.

PCT Hike Mile 100 _ PCT Hike Trail _
I passed the Mile 100 point with some rocks in  the trail indicating it.

PCT Hike  Barrel Springs _ PCT Hike Near Eagle Rock  _
I reached Barrel Springs at Mile 101.1 for a nice two hour rest and lunch. Nice shady spot in the oaks with water. I had lunch with a couple of fast hikers Hightech and Hopscotch. I used my folding bucket to soak my feet and taped up a couple of new blisters. From the springs was some of the nicest trail seen. 1/3 oak forest, grassy valley or chaparral. The last couple of miles followed a stream through the oaks. The open areas could have been much worse but the weather was mild when I passed.

PCT Hike Horned Lizard  _ PCT Hike Near Eagle Rock _
I saw a nice horned lizard along the trail that was nice enough to pose for me. When I got across the grassy valley floor, I came upon a hiker named Rod that had just finished his rest stop in the shade with a nice sloped rock to lean against. I moved in to his spot for a nice rest.  (Above right)

I arrived at the Warner Springs Community Center about 1830 meeting all the hikers that I’ve been meeting each night. Tomorrow, breakfast, a shower and probably lunch.

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