Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 3, Boulder Oaks CG To Lower Morris Meadow, Mile 38.8

(04/20) Up at 0600, Kevin accepted a trail name from a fellow hiker. Electric Panda because all his toes have electric tape on them and he carries a panda headed ditty bag. On trail at 0806 after Taylor’s dad stopped by with donuts.

PCT Hike Trail North Of Hwy 8 _ PCT Hike Hazard Sign _
I stopped at 0915 in some shade and at 1115 without shade. I used my chrome dome umbrella much of the day. At one of the rest stops I had good cell signal and tried to do some posts but my phone was uncooperative. I stopped next around noon in a nice shady grove of oak trees with Zak and Taylor, and Electric Panda (Kevin).  As I was leaving an older gent named Dugger arrived. He pretty much is always on a trail and has a Kool Aide red streaked beard. It was a wonderful rest in the shade and I didn’t want to leave but it was now 1400. It was more sunny trail after the nice rest. The biggest plants came to my armpits. My umbrella was helpful all day. The sign above right, could be a little unsettling if thousands of other hikers hadn’t have successfully traversed the same path.

PCT Hike Campsite _
I finally arrived at Long Creek about 1800. Adam was settled in there. He passed me earlier on the trail. Electric Panda, Zak and Taylor arrived shortly but planned to hike up the hill beyond the creek about 1.1 miles to a meadow to camp. I decided to do the same even though I was worn out already. Nice meadow campsite. I was settled in bed by 2000.

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