Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wrapping Up For A While

(04/07) I have to get things to a good stopping point this week. I plan on finishing the paint on the front of the house and installing a drain line through a flower bed on the North side of the front so I won’t have to destroy everything in the flowerbed two years in a row. The South side flower bed won’t be so lucky. When I return, I’ll install a sump pit and pump some sidewalk and I have to replace the main water valve. So, lots of mess there later. Since I’ll be gone so long I need to stow away  everything I  can so things aren’t in the way unnecessarily.

I painted the second coat of primer on the porch ceiling and front of the house. La Victoria chorizo burrito for breakfast. A couple of carnitas and cheese wraps for lunch. For dinner I stopped at Chevy’s Mexican restaurant for a Super Chevy’s. I tinkered on doing my taxes in the evening.

Tuesday: (04/08) I got an earlier start (0830) today and painted the third coat of primer on everything but the upper front part of the porch. I finished up about 1600, earlier than usual. Tomorrow some color is on the agenda! La Victoria bacon burrito for breakfast. Leftover Chevy’s Mexican food for lunch. A visit to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Lou and Dawn for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/09) I drove over to Home Depot in Santa Clara and bought some colored paint. Should have done that last night. I stopped on the way home for breakfast at La Victoria for a bacon burrito. I painted to color coat on every thing except the high area and the front of one column before I ran out of paint. For lunch i had my leftover spaghetti and meat balls from last night dinner. Since I ran out of paint, I headed out after cleaning up and stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner before returning to Home Depot for another gallon of paint. On the way home I stopped at Best Buy and bought a new camera. If I’m going to get out into the beautiful country I want to get good photos.

San Jose Front Painted San Jose Front Painted
Thursday: (04/10) Leftover potatoes and bacon for breakfast. I fixed a leak on the main water shutoff valve by adding some valve stem cord. Seems to have deferred  the needed valve replacement. I know that would open up a can of worm I don’t want right now. I stripped the masking off the windows and laid down my drop clothes then started painting the final coat of primer. Lunch was a couple of carnitas and cheese wraps. While the primer dried, I reinstalled some fencing that I had removed for access while painting. I also reinstalled a lattice sun screen on the Northwest end of the porch. I then painted the color on the area I primed earlier, the area above the front of porch. I finally finished that about 1800. I then put away my scaffolding and cleaned all my stuff up. I’m now secured for an extended absence. Lou dropped off some buckets I had forgotten. I’ll use them tomorrow doing my final task, installing a section of drain pipe through the North flower bed so I won’t have to disturb it again later. I pretty much destroyed all the plants in the flower beds. After cleaning up I moseyed downtown passing through the San Jose State Campus. There was a demonstration and by the signs I determined that Hillary Clinton must be speaking at the Event Center. She was. I decided to visit Original Joe’s Restaurant and enjoyed a charbroiled cheese burger. Very good reward for finishing painting the front of the house.

Friday: (04/11) I relaxed a little in the morning. I walked over for my ,recently, usual bacon burrito for breakfast at La Vitoria. When i got back I relaxed a little more before finally getting outside a little before 0900. My intent was to put some drain pipe in in one of the flower beads. I dug down to find the stub-out I was to connect to and found it at 16 inches deep. That would mean I have to dig a trench starting at 20 inches deep and growing deeper at the end of the 17 foot run of over 24 inches deep. My laziness got the best of me so I filled my test hole in and will do the trench another day. Seemed like too much time and digging was needed. I packed up my things, secured the things I left in the yard for an extended absence and headed home. After I got home and unloaded the Jeep we all went to lunch at LUU noodle house. I managed to take a nap after lunch. At 4pm we went over to the local IKEA store for their Easter dinner buffet. We bought tickets for it last week. Nice meal with some oddly named food.

Saturday: (04/12) My favorite project occupied my day, tax preparation. I settled into the RV to get away. I did make some progress. Dawn had her Tai Chi class this morning. It was a really nice sunny day but a little chilli at times. Quinoa with yogurt for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Tacos for dinner followed by strawberries.

Sunday: (04/13) I went through my pack and got rid of what i though I should. keeping what i think I’ll need. Without food and water it’s still over 24 pounds, about 8 pounds heavier than it should be. But, I’m a big guy and I obviously think I need what is in it so I’ll have to live with the extra weight. I still have to pack my food and resupply boxes. Rather late, but I dropped by REI today to get a replacement pair of shoes. Supposedly the shoes I’m wearing only last 500 miles and they have over 100 miles on them already. I’m not sure of availability of Brooks Cascadia shoes along the trail so i bought a pair. REI had a 20% off sale today and I anted to save the bucks. I also tested my SPOT satellite messenger today. I’ve had it for several years but rarely use it. In fact, the app had to be reinstalled on my smartphone and onto the new tablet. I successfully sent status update messages from both so should be able to send the from the trail. The tests killed the batteries in the device though. They are a couple of years old though. They are special lithium AA batteries which are not available everywhere so I got the replacement and a couple of more spares for my resupply boxes. Otherwise I was busy working on the taxes again. I also spent some time to setup email posting to this blog and to Facebook. I finally got it to work so I can like updates from the SPOT messenger to post location and status updates to both sites. Lou made a nice sausage eggs and fried potatoes breakfast. For lunch she mad fresh asparagus soup. And our dinner was chicken with spinach and rice. All meals enjoyed outside. Three days until we should leave.

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