Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 7, Julian, Mile 77

(04/24) I had breakfast with Erin, a hiker I met on the trail before. The hotel breakfast was typical but free. I called Hippy Longstocking for a ride down to Lake Moreno, where I passed through on the second day of the hike. I need to get down to the kickoff meeting. She’ll pick me up sometime between 4-6. It turns out I’m going with fellow hikers Adam, Black Swan,and Sideshow. I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Poncho Villa’s. Luckily, they had a Thursday Senior Special. $6 for a taco, chili relleno, rice, beans and a drink. I tinkered with the phone reinitializing it to clear up a crashing problem. Then I only reloaded the apps I need. This morning, after breakfast, I loaded and sealed my bounce bucket and mailed it off to Idyllwild, my next resupply town. Then I checked out of the motel. I stopped at the library and passed some time reading magazines, then went to the lunch mentioned above.

PCT Hike Hippy Longstockings Chariot _
At 1750, Hippy Longstocking, Solstice, 30 Pack, and Outburst arrived in a station wagon and a truck to pick us all up. Both vehicles were already full with camping and other stuff. In all 10 of us in the two vehicles, several cases of beer and other essentials. We drove down highway S1, the Sunrise Highway, that parallels the trail I’ve been hiking. We arrived at the park in Lake Moreno about 1900. I registered and set up camp, shared with 7 others. I received my badge, meal wrist band, commemorative bandanna, and a portable bidet. The spray bottle bidet is part of the effort to eliminate TP disposal along the trail. I then hurried to a “So You Want To Be A Through Hiker” talk.

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