Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 14, Paradise Cafe, Mile 151.9

PCT Hike Trail
Thursday: (05/01) On the trail at 0600. 12 miles over three ridges brought me to highway 74. The trail is closed from here due to a fire so I’ll be going up to the other end of the closure at Idyllwild.

PCT Hike Paradise Cafe Val, Rod and Mike _ PCT Hike Paradise Cafe Jose Burger
But first I had to stop at the Paradise Cafe for a famous Jose burger and a vanilla shake, both things dreamed about while waking the trail. I was picked up by Cindy, a waitress at the cafe on her way to work. Of course, several other hikers were there. Above left is Val For Now, Rod, and Val’s Son, Mike. Val and Mike are fellow hikers from Palo Alto that I met the day before this. In fact, they did a test hike on the Skyline To the Sea Trail down to Big basin State Park the same weekend I did. I was hiking up and they had hiked down. I don’t remember seeing them, but it was rather an unusual coincidence.

PCT Hike Idyllwild Silver Pines Lodge _ PCT Hike Dinner At Idyllwild
After lunch I caught a ride up to Idyllwild and got a cabin at the Alpine Inn. I stopped by the Post office to get my resupply box and bounce bucket to get ready for the next section tomorrow. I washed my clothes and myself, as well. Diner at Ariba’s Mexican restaurant, a nice chili relleno and taco with a beer. If I’d known the beer was so cheap I would have probably had another.

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