Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 6, Rodriguez Tank To Julian, Mile 77

: (04/23) Up at 0545 on trail at 0615. I was at Sizzer Crossing at 0810. I met Adam there. He is continuing on to Warner Springs. I’m stopping off and resting for the rest of the day in Julian. My bounce and resupply boxes are at the Post Office. I joined Cody for a hitch up the hill 12 miles to Julian. A nice lady named Irene gave us a lift and showed us where everything was in town. I said I wanted to stay at the Julian Lodge so she dropped us off there. It’s right downtown.

PCT Hike Julian _ PCT Hike Julian Cafe Breakfast _
I checked in while Cody went to breakfast. I then met him at the Julian Cafe. He had ordered a spinach and feta omelet with home fries and an order of biscuits and gravy. I ordered the spinach omelet with Swiss cheese. I just had a biscuit.

PCT Hike Cody At The Julian Cafe _ PCT Hike Dirty Clothes In Sink _
Cody had had lunch at the lodge in Mt Laguna and they served mini servings. He couldn’t finish his breakfast. Irene had recommended the cafe. Nice good food, a discounted room at the lodge and, next, a free lunch at Mom’s cafe. I just had to show my trail permit for a nice ham sandwich and a slice of apple pie ala mode. Gratis!  After breakfast I stopped by the Post Office to get my packages. When I got back to the room, I washed my trail dirty clothes.  I discovered my pants had two gashes in the seat. Must have been when I had lunch a couple of days ago on a rock. I soaked the clothes in the sink in small batches which turned the water almost black. It took two soapy washes and about five rinses to get the water clear. Then I got a shower. My legs below the knee where as black as the water. Nice to get a shower. Now my pack contents are exploded on the bed and need to be reorganized. Some things I’ve been carrying will go in the bounce box to lighten the load. Tomorrow I’ll try to get back down to Lake Moreno for the Kick-Off. When I return to the trail Sunday, it will be 30 miles with little water so I need room for water.

PCT Hike Julian Cafe Dinner _
At 1800 I walked down to the Julian Cafe for a CFS dinner. They cut their own steaks. It was served with a green salad, vegetables and a baked potato. Excellent! I seem to have my appetite back. Fortunately I haven’t been too hungry until now. Hopefully The appetite will return to a minimum so my pack can be lighter. More blogging in the evening and pack organization

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