Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 4, Morris Meadow To Pioneer Mail Picnic Ground, Mile 52.6

(04/21) Up at 0600, on trail at 0800. I tinkered around. Passed Emily and Honey buzz along the trail as well as a SB older woman hiker named Steady she hiked the trail in 2003. She is from Oklahoma and her husband drops her off and meets her along her current section hiking. Made it to Mt Laguna at a closed campground, I made a couple of posts before walking on to the town store. I enjoyed a steak Hot Pocket, the first I’ve had along with a couple of orange juices and an ice cream. Nice lunch. Lots of hikers on the porch  that I’ve passed or been passed by.

PCT Hike Trail Near Mt Laguna _ PCT Hike Flower _
I filled up my water and was back on the trail about 1330.  A way up the trail I met another older woman Blue Butterfly. She is a recent widower who decided to hit the trail. She’s headed south. More nice flowers along the trail.

PCT Hike Trail To Sunrise Picnic Site _ PCT HikeTrail Near Mt Laguna _
I arrived at GART Faucet (above right) about 1630. Zak and Taylor were there. I rested, cooked dinner and topped my water off. There was a nice pleasant grove of trees, likely what the area I’d hiked through from Mt Laguna that had all burned used to look like. Mt Laguna Recreation Area is an island on some open hot portions of the PCT. Not all is bad along the burnt trail. The wild flowers are in abundance and beautiful. I left GART faucet about 1800. I had four miles to go to a good campsite, Pioneer Mail Picnic Ground, where I arrived at about 1930. I was comfortable in my tent by 2000.

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