Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 2, Hauser Creek To Boulder Oaks CG, Mile 26

PCT Hike Beast On A Rock _ PCT Hike Trail To Lake Morena _
Saturday: (04/19) I slept in until 0650. Nice bird serenade to start the day. It was a serious climp up from the creek then down to Lake Moreno.

PCT Hike First Trail Angel And Fellow Hikers _
As I was walking through the park I heard someone yell "Days Late", my trail name. I joined them. Sherpa, Honey Buzz’s dad was doing trail magic. I enjoyed a beer, well deserved after the climb. He also served up bacon sandwiches and some Middle Eastern tea call Jahed Tea or as he called it Sherpa tea because of professed sherpa-like invigoration powers. Kevin, Owen, Emily and Honey Buzz were there. Zak and Taylor came later. Heather and her nice beagle/setter dog joined. I finally managed to say goodbye at about 1400.

PCT Hike Rosie Boa Snake _ PCT Hike Trail To Boulder Oaks _
It was a hot hike away from the park. At 1530 I stopped to rest under a low tree, the only one on the open section of trail. Vern, from Marin, had the same idea and shared his tree. A short while further up the trail I saw a rosy boa snake, a lovely silver snake about 4 feet long with a rosy tail. The last part of the hike before the campground was through some nice green grass fields.

PCT Hike Zak Taylor and Kevin _
At 1750 I arrived at Boulder Oaks CG near Interstate Highway 8. I spotted Kevin and joined him at his camp. Later Zak and Taylor arrived too. Actually, the campground was full of hikers. Nice day but not too many miles accomplished. I seem to be with the herd but two days and only 26 miles up trail. I have a small blister on the second toe of the left foot and my deep ball blisters on both feet are talking.

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